As you get the opportunity to work on different projects, at different places, it really does provide a chance to both sharpen your skillsets — letting you dive deep and master a discipline, and, at the same time, round and expand your expertise — exposing yourself to new tools, new patterns, and new methodologies.

UX Leadership

Great design that's elegant and well-founded, that solves user problems, is awesome. But to be a successful UX leader, you need to keep the trains running on time. Being able to build, direct, inspire, and motivate a talented design team is a challenge... and one I really enjoy.

  • Design Evangelism to Executive Audiences
  • Design Vision Advocacy and Creative Direction
  • Hiring and Team Development, Mentoring + Coaching
  • Process Building / Integration of Design + Development
  • Professional Development and Mentoring
  • Product Cycle Estimation and Scoping

Design + Research

My design focus floats between the interaction design (task analyses and flows, information density and priority, wireframing) and visual design (color theory, fit and finish, visual styling) circles in my personal Venn diagram. This helps me provide creative and thought leadership throughout the design process, and I feel it's served me well in the past when I need to look at the big picture while still not losing track of the details.

Research-wise, I've managed teams and efforts gathering both qualitative and quantitative user data, using a variety of methodologies. And once that data is collected, I know how to synthesize it into actionable steps, and how to communicate its value to stakeholders, colleagues, and executive leadership. 

So, that's my work. For me, the person, I'm a musician and occasional photographer who loves to travel, and I spend most of my free time on one adventure or another with my wife and dog. If you're interesting in chatting more, feel free to reach out.