I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to design and develop new experiences for the biggest e-commerce platforms on the web, and design software, web, and mobile applications for major players in the tech industry.

As a UX leader and manager, I’ve built design practices and talented teams from the ground up, evangelized and institutionalized design thinking, helped young designers set their courses for the future, and fostered collaborative environments that encourage creation, rather than just production.

Thanks for stopping by… but mostly, stay classy.

Great design that's elegant and well-founded, that solves user problems, is awesome. But to be a successful UX leader, you also need to keep the trains running on time. Being able to build, direct, inspire, and motivate a talented design team is a challenge... and one I really enjoy.

  • Design Evangelism to Executive Audiences
  • Design Vision Advocacy and Creative Direction
  • Hiring and Team Development, Mentoring + Coaching
  • Process Building / Integration of Design + Development
For me, the person, I'm a musician and occasional photographer who loves to travel, and while COVID has touched our lives (like so many) in unexpected ways, I hope to return to spending my free time on one adventure or another with my wife and our dogs. If you're interesting in chatting more, feel free to reach out.