Equinix Customer Portal Redesign Initiative

Last redesigned back in 2012-3, our customer portal was due for an overhaul. It's the primary tool our users interact with to do a wealth of tasks related to their datacenter footprint — from ordering new network connections, to setting up network engineer service calls, to tracking invoices, to managing physical security access to their cages.

Before a single screen or task flow was examined, we started with our users. We interviewed users from a wide range of customers and industries, gathering pain points, likes, and feature requests. We also ran workshops with our internal stakeholders and our Service Desk colleagues (who spend all day assisting customers and listening to their feedback), working through each major feature's task flow, looking for places to solve for common pain points, as well as opportunities to improve or streamline. The results of this work allowed my team to assist our Product Management colleagues in developing our scope and requirements for the redesign.

With user research and business requirements in our pockets, we moved on to a variety of different design explorations, from initial hero work just to help start conversations, to a broad range of design studies that helped set our design foundation. Studies covered topics as broad as Search and Onboarding, to granular studies that examined progress indicators and the file upload process. These Design Studies gave us the visual and interaction language to help us set expectations with senior leadership, and set a north star for the team to rally around.

With our design vision foundation now in place, progress moved on to the design of task flows and wireframes for our features that were approved as within scope for our release. Whether just getting a tweak or two due to our updated Design Guidelines, or being torn down to the studs and re-envisioned, each feature received a thorough interaction design exploration. We also roped our PM team into a site-wide information architecture audit as well, making sure our wayfinding strategies were solid.

With our Beta and Golden releases under our belt now, we've continued ahead with Quality of Life improvements and adding new features requested by our users. We continue to gather user feedback — both quantitative, via tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics, and qualitative, via tools like Qualtics and in-person and online user interviews. The work never ends.

EQIX Conf Room Flow

ECP Customer Task Flows

ECP Dashboard

EQIX Flow Wall

ECP Wireframes

ECP Data Grids

EQIX Shipments Flow

ECP Wireframes

ECP Smart Hands