Dell, Inc.

When I joined Dell in 2006, I was the first external hire to a new team (now Global Site Design) with the mandate to restructure the UX design process for — from process, to team skillsets, to deliverables. I hired designers, researchers, writers and UI developers; oversaw a new UX design + development process; and proposed standards for task flow and wireframe creation.

The team touched nearly every part of while I was there, from driving site-wide navigation and IA redesigns, to streamlining the order/cart flow, to rebuilding their SMB (small + medium business) presence from the ground up. I developed a heuristic scorecarding system, based on best practices and captured analytics,  that gave us an objective look at each page in a flow that was on the block for redesign. This helped us prioritize our efforts by severity, and ensure the user feedback we were gathering turned into actionable results.

There never seemed to be a shortage of projects to take on. I managed the design and launch of StudioDell (a 2007 Webby Award winner), contributed to Dell's big foray into virtual reality with their Second Life presence, rebuilt our in-house photo studio's intake site, and redesigned the visual digital storytelling and structure in their Executive Briefing Center.

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