Sedona Art Museum

The Sedona Art Museum had a problem: it was growing. Its logo served the original purpose of giving the organization an initial brand, but as the organization grew in scope and credibility, its Board of Directors believed a modernized, regionally relevant mark would serve the museum far into the future and provide a sophisticated identity to attract patrons and visitors, alike.

In building a new logo mark, I wanted modern shapes that echo those shapes that surround us here in Sedona — the plateaus of the Mogollon Rim, Sinaguan cliff dwellings, and southwestern architecture. More open, like our wide skies and clean air, and balanced by the golden mean. The addition of the “glow” element represents the sun of Arizona, a mandala, and the elemental force of Sedona’s open hearts and minds, that places the museum at its core. The bordering shape that separates the logo mark from the glow is reminiscent of an old wax seal, which provides a vintage juxtoposition to the contemporary shapes of the logo.

I feel the new design gives the museum all these commonalities, plus a dimensionality that creates a gateway, inviting new friends into Sedona, into the museum, and into the rich art community that’s long been the cornerstone of the Verde Valley region.

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